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SkinnyMix! SkinArranger v0.08.0038b
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Description: This utility allows you to position the graphics of your SkinnyMix! Mixer skins. Other features include tool tip text modification and author description editing. This beta will work with versions 0.08 and higher of SkinnyMix! Mixer. Simply extract the contents of to the directory containing the SkinnyMix! Mixer and run SkinnyMixSkinArranger.exe.
Requirements: VB6 runtime files - Click here to download
vbrun60.exe (1.0MB)
Download: (155K)      (site1)
Installation: Extract to the directory which contains "SkinnyMix! Mixer" and run skinnymixskinarranger.exe.
Skins: Get additional skins from the following sites:
- ChibiSoft
- MySkinz
- DeskMod
- VelocityArt
Preview: The Skinny Mix - Skin Arranger (Layout View)

The Skinny Mix - Skin Arranger (Text View)