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SkinnyMix! Mixer v2.00.0058b
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Description: SkinnyMix! Mixer is a freeform skinnable volume control replacement for Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP.

SkinnyMix! Mixer can be made virtually any shape or size you desire. All of the controls can be position anywhere on the application or excluded entirely. Also, the tool tip text can be configured to say what ever you want.
Programmers: Kevin M. Glatz (TACKtech) & Brandon Carter (Web Site)
Requirements: VB6 runtime files - Click here to download
vbrun60.exe (1.0MB)
Download: v2.00.0058b skinnymixmin.exe (320K)   ( site1 )
Installation: Download and install Microsoft VB6 runtimes
Download skinnymixmin.exe
Run skinnymixmin.exe to install and configure
Skins: Get additional skins from the following sites:
- ChibiSoft
- MySkinz
- DeskMod
- VelocityArt
Preview: SkinnyMix! (Screen Capture)
Shown with default skin