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SkinnyMix! v2.00.0058b (03.12.2002 - 05:20AM EST)
   - Added auxiliary slider & mute support
   - Added two new skins with auxiliary controls
     (AKSpurp2 / microDark! v1.0)

SkinnyMix! v1.01.0043b (03.08.2002 - 01:04AM EST)
   - New installer
   - Links point to new web URL
   - Minor Updates
   - This will most likely be the final release of v1.0.
     (We have started development of Version 2.0)

SkinnyMix! v1.01.0035b (08.08.2000 - 12:53AM EST)
   - New installer
   - Complete Version (not an update).
   - A new SkinnyMix! SkinArranger is included

SkinnyMix! v1.01.0034b (08.04.2000 - 11:46PM EST)
   - Fix Run-Time Error 6 when sound card is absent
   - Added horizontal tray volume slider support
   - Several internal updates for future use

SkinnyMix! v1.01.0030b (08.04.2000)
   - Fix Run-Time Error 6 when skins are missing
   - Fix "No" option when prompted about mixerback.gif
   - Last remaining skin can now not be deleted
   - If no icon is available a default icon is used
     (ghosted systray icon bug)
   - Fixed timer not unloading bug on configuration form
   - Other minor bug fixes

SkinnyMix! v1.01.0004b (08.02.2000)
   - Added remove "Yellow Speaker" option
   - Integrated a launch mixer at startup option
   - Working on GUI for SkinnyUpdate
   - Minor GUI updates
   - Minor bug fixes

SkinnyMix! v0.09.0924b (06.16.2000)
   - Added launch mixer at startup option
   - Minor GUI updates

SkinnyMix! v0.09.0921b (04.25.2000)
   - Improved skin site list format
   - New skin included
   - Several minor bug fixes
   Know bugs in version 0.09.0921b:
     - Setup can not be cancelled

SkinnyMix! v0.09.0917b (02.09.2000)
   - TitleBar flicker corrected
   - Transparency on the systray volume slider
   - New SMS (SkinnyMix! Skin) sites added to list
   - Added a delete skin option
   - Added a scroll bar to the preview window
   - Fixed problem w/ systray control when TaskBar was on top of screen

SkinnyMix! v0.09.0711b (12.22.1999)
   - Removed VB5STKIT.DLL dependencies
   - Improved setup
   -  SkinnyMix! SkinArranger now included

SkinnyMix! v0.09.0707b (12.16.1999)
   - First release done by Kevin M. Glatz
   - The tray slider disappears behind the Taskbar.
   - The thumbs no longer jump clicking on them.
   - SkinnyMix! no longer gets positioned off the screen.
   - Added a skin preview to the skin selector.
   - Added a position recovery button.
   - Added enhanced error correction.
   - Transparent GIF support added for all objects.
   - On-Top and Show-On-Task are both fully functional.
   - Removed several timers to improve performance.
   - Replaced the configuration dialogs we an improved interface.
   - Vertical and horizontal support completed.
   - SkinnyMix! remembers it's last position.
   - Decreased load-time and decreased the executable size.
   - Author Tag support completed.
   - Create icons on the Start Menu & Desktop from within the program.
   - SMIX.DLL is no longer required
   - SkinnyMix! updates previous skins to the new format.
   - The SkinArranger can be called from SkinnyMix!
   - Programmed By: Kevin M. Glatz of AKStudios and Brandon Carter
   - Program Design: Kevin M. Glatz / Brandon Carter